Business Support

In business as in life there will be times when issues present themselves and where you really don’t know how to go forward and you need support.

Polkadot & Wellkept with their years of experience can provide that support you so dearly need. Brett Welch, the Managing Director has the experience to deal with any problem. As well as being the driving force behind Polkadot & Wellkept, in itself a very successful business with 12 employees, hundreds of clients and all the issues you’d expect with that, he used to own a major foundry employing 500 people turning over £60m supplying the major automotive companies of the world. Across that spectrum from small to larger business Brett has seen most things.

Helping you decide on structure
Getting your business structure right at an early stage is important. We offer initial free half hour consultations with no obligations. You can just come along for a cup of coffee and a chat. We can advise on most complex situations. Whether you are a major overseas group wishing to set up in the UK for the first time or a self-employed sole trader in business for the first time we’re there to be by your side.

Business Planning
If your bank requires you to do that pesky business plan to give you funding and you don’t know where to start we have the knowledge and experience to help you do it from start to finish and sit with you alongside the bank if you need it. We won’t be asking for the shirt off your back unlike those sharp suited city boys in their glossy glass ivory towers.

It can be lonely running you own business with nobody to talk to. We’re always there for the coffee and a chat. Be it manufacturing, distribution, construction, IT, insurance, retail or service we have most sectors covered in our experience.

Commercial Relationships
If you need it we are happy to sit alongside you with customers or suppliers. We will even do debt collecting if you need it.

Links with other services
Life is never a bed of roses in business. You often encounter problems in areas out of your expertise. We have built up a network of like-minded professionals who can help you out of your Legal, HR, IT, Health and Safety and funding problems. We will put you in touch with them and hold your hand throughout the process in most cases being able to get you to a successful conclusion.

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