Personal Service Companies

In today’s modern business environment many companies don’t want to employ every individual providing them a service in exchange for remuneration. In most cases this is for valid commercial reasons, such as reducing fixed costs turning them into variable costs and leaving liabilities & responsibilities outside of the corporate umbrella to give you two such reasons.

We are specifically geared up to provide a cost effective / tax effective solution for individuals who are in this situation with their clients. We believe that we provide the best support package around, with clear support guidelines on what money you can take out of the business on a week to week or month to month basis.

Out tax planning and structuring services provides better gross to net income than traditional umbrella companies without any of the concerns currently being expressed on umbrellas by HMRC.

In our service we will:

  • Set up your company
  • Invoice on your behalf if required
  • Recommend on whether VAT registration is appropriate
  • Do all your VAT compliance
  • Help you sort out your expenses and maximise what is allowable
  • Do your bookkeeping
  • Prepare your annual statutory accounts and corporation tax return
  • Do your annual return
  • Do your own personal self-assessment return

All this will be done for a flat monthly fee, payable by standing order, without any other hidden charges other than a small initial setup fee.

We specialise in this process and have dedicated staff available to talk to at any point in the process to provide guidance and reassurance. As long as you follow our plan you will never be in a position of worrying how you are going to afford to pay the next tax bill.

We have experience in many sectors but are particular specialist in the areas of Commercial Drivers, IT Contractors, Social Workers and Health Care specialist who provide services to the NHS.

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