Financial outsourcing as a service is one of the key pillars of our business. Led by Brett Welch, who has owned and managed a range of businesses from single employee to tens and even hundreds of employees, Brett and his team have the expertise and experience to advise and if required manage your entire financial function. The Polkadot & Wellkept team will work with you to design a bespoke solution that meets your needs. From doing the books at the end of the year, to being onsite a number of days a week to perform the required work and managing in-house staff and sub-contractors.

For some of our clients we act as their entire administration team, raising purchase orders, raising sales invoices, chasing the cash, managing the cash, and of course keeping the books and doing the wages. As part of our bespoke and flexible approach we are happy to do the work at either your premises or online using our recommend cloud package KashFlow.

In other instances we integrate with the client’s existing finance team as the client may have an administration team or a bookkeeper which we would support or manage as required.

At the top end Brett or one of our experienced team will also act as your Finance Director taking the burden of dealing with the banks, preparing forecasts and reports and even supporting you through negotiations. This provides all the benefits of having your own on-site Finance Director but at a fraction of the costs.

Our experience and knowledge allows us to provide all the services you would expect from a major international practice at prices you can afford and with the personal touch.

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