Payroll is often the first item on the list for companies consider outsourcing any of their finance functions. This is in part due to the specialist knowledge required to perform the work which generally requires a dedicated staff member and the efficiencies that Payroll bureau like ourselves can provide.

We offer a friendly comprehensive service which is tailored to your needs.

  • Collecting and collating your payroll data
  • Calculating overtime
  • Making updates to statutory payments
  • Working out National Insurance contributions
  • Administering pension payments
  • Sending out electronic or paper based payslips
  • Creating a payroll summary for your accounts

We offer a competitive pricing model which at its most basic is based on a small fixed fee for a minimum number of employees followed by an additional cost per payslip; this ensures that the costs only grow when your business does. As with our other services we tailor this service to meet your needs. Below are some examples of our varied approach.

  • With some of our clients we ask them to setup a recommended basic salary which they pay themselves each month
  • Some of our clients deposit money into our Client account and we pay their employees and PAYE liability directly
  • For some clients we have direct access to their bank and enter the data on their behalf
  • In other cases following the receipt of the timesheets we would process the batches and inform the client how much they need to pay their employees

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