Case Study 1
Maver (UK) Ltd

Case Study 2
Talecom Ltd

Case Study 3
The Replacement Service

Case Study 4
 Traditional Clay Roof Tiles Ltd

Case Study 5
Exact Systems Ltd

Case Study 6
CJC Furniture

Case Studies

At Polkadot Accountants we have a large cross section of clients from sole traders through to established businesses with a numerous employees across multiple sites. For most of our smaller clients we provide a more standard offering in conjunction with our business support, which is aimed at meeting their accounting needs and helping their businesses grow. Our larger clients on the other hand often make use of our bespoke outsourcing services as demonstrated in this section.

The Case Studies found on this page demonstrates the services we can offer to our clients, and also the level to which we integrate with our clients. Each of the service solutions that these clients enjoy is tailored to their specific requirements, based on regulatory and business needs, and their own in-house capability and capacity.

In keeping with our commitment towards the Polish speaking community within the UK, case studies 4, 5 and 6 are Polish speaking clients two of whom have a presence in Poland and the UK.

If you would like to know how we can benefit your business then please contact us for a consultation.